Random Thoughts

OK, I lied.

I definitely didn’t post on the Saturday after my last blog post, or even last Saturday, mainly because I was up till 6am and 8am respectively. Yeah, not healthy, but I did manage to catch up on some movies and play Marvel Legendary. (It’s a pretty fun game, google it)

Anyway, I really didn’t have any pressing issues I wanted to write about, except that CBS’s Supergirl is starting tomorrow! And if you really can’t wait, there’s already a leaked pilot available on all big pirate ships. I doubt there will be much of a difference between the actual pilot and the leaked on anyway, since it was pretty good on all counts. Not fantastic, not perfect, but pretty good.

Just to add on, there’s Nanyang Championships (Dota 2) going on in Singapore right now, and honestly I would be there right now if the ticket prices weren’t exorbitant. Like really, especially during the weekdays, where most normal people would be working. *sighs* Oh well, guess I’ll just be walking online anyway.

One last thing, the whole CHC drama is actually pretty hilarious to me. I seriously don’t understand how people can still stand by Kong Hee and whoever he’s been collaborating with to steal from his own church. Worst part? His most ardent defenders are also probably the one he’s stolen the most from. Reading all the atrocious deeds and blatant misuse of funds they’ve enacted are pretty stomach-turning. I honestly don’t care whether they’re religious or not, but misplacing people’s faith is just not right.

Well, that’s it for today then. Will try to write more!

Move Forward

There is one thing to do before you go through the rest of the day:
6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person

If you are really so lazy that you can’t even read a Cracked article, here is the shortened version: you are a butt, and your probably need a giant kick to get it moving.

I know I did, that’s why I haven’t been posting on my blog for so many months. Myriad of excuses such as not having the time, being busy with internship and so on. Bah, just excuses.

Henceforth, I’ve decided to write one article every week. Every Saturday actually, when I actually get to sit in front of my computer. What will the topic be about? I have no idea. I assume I’ll just kind of do a quick recap of my life up till this point, and what I’m planning to do.

Also, time for a bit of shameless self-promotion! Here is my article on Season 2, episode 1 of Flash:
The Flash Season 2 Premiere Moves Forward

Right now, I’m planning on building a world. Literally. Like using words and stuff. Wait, is that the right use of that word?

I have one or two characters currently being fleshed out right now, and I hope they are interesting enough to put into a story. I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to get started on introducing/writing these characters into an actual story, regardless of medium, so it might take me a while before I can blog them.

Speaking of which, I am still choosing between upgrading my phone to an iPhone 6s or a Samsung S6. I’m leaning towards the Samsung right now, mainly because of fast charging, but if anybody wants to convince me otherwise, feel free to do so.

That’s it for now. See you guys on Saturday!

Batman v Superman: Trailer breakdown

For all you people who have been studying Media Law constantly, nope, it’s not a law case. Can you imagine how awesome it would be though? It would be out of this world.

LIKE THE NEW TRAILER. If you haven’t watched it, please, it’s just 3 and a half minutes, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s good enough that I’m writing about it, so take that as you will.

I’m a huge fan of the DC superheroes, and thanks to a lot of influence, I know more about Batman and Superman than I know about most of my friends. (Sorry..) Anyway, if I had to pick one reason why I’m so excited for this movie, is that Batman looks, sounds, and feel like the actual badass Batman. Honestly, I’m waiting for Batffleck to blow our minds.

Batman building up his brand image.

Batman building up his brand image.

Also, the colours and shots are GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL. In almost every form of Superman, there will definitely be an allusion to Jesus.

Unfortunately, kryptonite nails didn't exist yet.

Unfortunately, kryptonite nails didn’t exist yet. (This is from Man of Steel btw.)



This all culminates in borderline fanaticism from what we’ve seen in the trailer, with some people treating Superman as their saviour, and some denouncing him. (Hmm, sounds like a familiar situation to me.) I hope that they don’t make it too campy, but otherwise I really like the idea.

Moving on, THE FIGHT SCENES. From what I’ve gathered, I’m pretty confident there will be at least two fights between Batman and Superman: one with Batman in his normal costume, where Superman has the upper hand; one with Batman in his mechanical costume, where Batman has the upper hand. Not to mention that both of these fight scenes look like they are both literally trying to kill each other.


DO YOU BLEED!!!??? Probably not, but this is great fun!

Look at how goddamn big Batflech is.

Look at how goddamn big Batffleck is.

And then Wonder Woman! There really isn’t much to say, here:



The trailer also drops tons of easter eggs, for all the Batman and Superman fans out there. It’s great fun to spot out everything, so I’m not going to cherry pick them for you into this blog post. Also, the lines are fantastic, and Jesse Eisenberg seems to be doing well as the deranged Lex Luthor. Seriously, go watch the trailer now, it will be the best 3 and a half minutes of your life for a very long time.

Have I ever been so excited for a superhero movie? No. Brace yourself, the DCU is coming.


So the United States of America has done it – same-sex marriage is now recognised across the whole country. Hurray!

Honestly, it’s been a long time coming. Same-sex marriage simply isn’t as taboo, or even as dividing of an issue any more. Even conservatives, the people most likely to be against same-sex marriage, just say “Eh, it’s the law now, whatever.” It’s still heart-warming to see the outpouring of support on social media, whether by brands or celebrities, at the landmark decision. And to be quite frank, I think rainbows are pretty cool and deserve to be on a lot of things.

Of course, there are people who vehemently deny same-sex marriage. Instead of chastising them for close-mindedness, I feel it’s important for them to voice out their opinions. I mean, we can’t even say that marriage is inherently right or wrong. People will have different opinions about marriage, and I think it’s OK! At worst, just treat it as identification as to whether you want to punch them. (Not advocating, just saying…)

Anyway, I’ve been doing some heavy research (read as: cursory Googling) on the matter, and the fallout from this contentious decision has been pretty funny. Remember, the decision passed 5-4 in the Supreme Court, meaning that the United States were very close to not getting same-sex marriage. Most of the United States are still right-leaning, meaning that they are more traditional and conservatives. It is also not surprising to see most of the criticism levelled at this decision to come from this particular side of the United States, some of which are pretty outlandish:

I mean, COME ON. Really? You are going to compare something which majority of people are happy about, to 9/11? Seriously? Let’s be real here, same-sex marriage isn’t going to cause people to kill, much less mount a terrorist attack on the Twin Rainbows or something. Let’s all be happy about something for once, OK? There’s a lot more of this type of sentiment going around, and I sincerely hope that we can all be happy. Just like how rainbows are supposed to make people happy. And dragons.

Overall, I feel genuinely happy about this whole issue. Even in Singapore, LGBTs are more accepted, and in return we have been more open-minded. Who knows if #LoveWins in a small island state such as ours? Our generation has generally been more open-minded and vocal about these issues, so it might not be far off.

Why we need to stop giving Amos Yee attention

I’ll be honest here.

The first time I heard and read about Amos Yee, I thought he was harmless. Merely a kid running his mouth off, trying to elicit attention from Singaporeans using inflammatory and vulgar language. I even agreed with some of the points he made in his video, if not the constant comparisons to Christianity etc., and I even applauded his courage and honesty to be true to himself and advocate his views in such a vulgar manner. (Again, people who know me..)

Yes, he probably shouldn’t have gotten slapped by a vigilante. There is a need to put faith into our judicial system, and not to commit acts of vigilantism.

But now, he’s simply gone too far.

Take a look at this two statuses that he posted:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.09.18 pm

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.09.40 pm

Not only has he committed libel by posting a defamatory statement in a permanent form such as a Facebook post (thanks MedLaw!), he admitted by himself that the fact was not true! Seriously, Vincent Law was one of the few people to reach out to him, and to hand him a helping hand when even his own parents didn’t want to bail him out in the first place! And this is how you repay a benefactor? By outright stating that he molested you?

I think Amos Yee has crossed the line, way past the line where we can say that he’s simply an immature kid. Yes, 17-year-olds say stupid stuff. I said stupid stuff when I was 17, but even back then I knew how to respect a person!

The reason why everybody is chasing Amos Yee and giving him attention is because us Singaporeans want to know what is happening to him! From the very beginning, when his video about Lee Kuan Yew was widely decried and gave him worldwide attention (seriously, even American publications such as The New York Times and The New Yorker has written about him), to now, when his self-admitted trolling is being widely decried and giving him attention. Sounds familiar, eh?

I hereby propose a #BoycottAmos movement, when we stop writing about him, stop discussing about him, and stop giving him attention, the one thing (I think) he desperately requires, almost more than food and water.

Of course, starting from after this blog post.

Why we need to think before we criticise

Our generation uses social media a lot. With rampant social media use, all of us are using less and less restraint – like a 5 year old kid with M&Ms. Most people, when they speak on social media, become meaner, venomous even. Token example:


I’ve seen this picture before, back when I was a wee kid, and I thought that this was merely a statement on girls being increasingly materialistic and focusing on prettiness/makeup/whatever. I mean, if you redrew all this to fuccbois and a lonely nerd in the middle, the message will probably still ring true.

Then comes along some random person, takes this picture, totally bastardises the intention the artist obviously had behind his/her work, and puts it down like a puppy. Hello, can you open up your mind a little? Do you seriously think the artist thought “I’M GOING TO BE A CHAUVINIST MALE PIG AND DRAW IT LIKE THIS HURR DURR GIRLS CAN’T BE PRETTY AND SMART!”

The real problem with all this is that we have become way quicker to judge people. The most screwed-up thing is that people judge others by their actions while we judge ourselves by our intentions.

Case in point:

When somebody snaps out in anger

Others: How rude, that person is totally a bitch/bastard etc.

Yourself: I’m so angsty and tired, it’s the world’s fault for making me angry

When somebody wants a lower price for something on Carousell

Others: Seriously, so cheapskate..

Yourself: I’m just trying to save money..

When somebody blue ticks you


Yourself: “So sorry was caught up playing video games Xd”

You get the picture. Of course, not everybody is like this, that’s a given. But the fact is, majority of people is like this. And social media just enables this ugly practise to rear its head easily and constantly.

Seriously, trust me on this one: when you stop judging people and simply appreciate why each and everyone of us do what we do, it’s way easier to live life.

Instead of judging somebody on their berms and slippers, appreciate that it is comfortable and that Singapore is too way too hot.

Instead of judging people by their mistakes, appreciate the fact that they at least tried! (If they didn’t even try..that’s another story for another day)

Instead of whining why he/she blue ticks you, learn that people have other things to do besides check their phones! If you’re really bothered by blue ticks, go back to SMSing, or Telegram or whichever messaging platform is the in thing now.

Disclaimer: I blue tick people a lot and I just want to say that it’s never intentional! Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way.

Why Dota 2 is awesome Part 1

Wow two blog posts in two days I think I’m setting the bar really high for myself.

Anyway I just want to share this little clip about one of my favourite Dota 2 heroes, Enigma:

So basically what’s going on is that there’s an item that currently changes Enigma’s ultimate into an AWESOME golden colour.

Yea, Dota 2 is awesome.

If you are even somewhat interested at what is going on in the Dota 2 world right now, you can read on. If not, you can either read on to literally read my enthusiasm in this subject, or just close my blog. (Please come back though)

Anyway, everybody is going crazy over something called a Compendium. (you can check out some cool effects and sounds right here > http://www.dota2.com/international/compendium/) Think of it as virtual book filled with information about the upcoming International (World Cup of Dota 2), and buying a Compendium doesn’t just give you lots of really amazing items and effects, but 25% of the proceeds goes to the International prize pool.

Yea, we are helping professional gamers earn REAL ACTUAL MONEY.

Right now the prize pool is at US$6 million, but I’m honestly expecting it to go to at least 12. For comparison’s sakes, last year the prize pool reached US$10 million, with the winning team earning a cool US$5 million. All this is awesome because it makes us Dota players believe that we can actually earn money by playing a soul-sucking, time-consuming game that we are all too glad to pump in some money for. Seriously, this Free-To-Play game has literally bled my wallet more than almost anything else in my life.

Speaking of Free to Play, there is a documentary about professional Dota 2 players called Free To Play. One of them is a Singaporean!

I don’t know if many people know this, but my dream is to become a professional Dota 2 player. Yeah I know, unrealistic dreams and stuff. However, without dreams, life is not just really boring, it becomes really meaningless. It’s so hard to keep trudging on and not have anything in sight. It’s exactly like jogging. *shudders*

Anyway, expect to see more posts about Dota 2, because it’s a huge part of my life. And if anybody wants to sponsor my professional journey, please feel free to immediately contact me.

Why are you doing this?

Here I am, trying to write a blog.

“Why?” You ask.

For most that know me, they know that I tend to proclaim hatred for social media. What’s the point of Twitter or Snapchat? (I still don’t get what these do by the way.) I know all this is especially ironic since I’m a media student, but yeah better late than never right? This is my reasoning for starting a blog:

1. I got inspired!

Today’s internship briefing kind of got me thinking. So much talk about where to go, what exciting jobs to do and all that. But I  think what’s truly important is to start doing whatever you want to do in the future now!

I’ve always liked writing – I believes words can convey some of the most powerful messages. The old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” rings true to me not because I truly believe that way, but because I think a pen is way easier to find than a sword.

This isn’t my first attempt at starting a blog. Many times I tried, I got bored within 2 months. I really intend this to be a constantly refreshing and ongoing project, and I want to use this to clear and speak my mind at the same time. (read as: I WANT TO RANT)

I believe that all of us as people, have our own unique stories and viewpoints to tell. As for me, I think I have a very uncommon world view. The way I was brought up, the schools I’ve been to, the company I’ve constantly hung out with have created a very awesome and wonderful person like me! So, this blog will not be about any particular topic or person, but rather a myriad of my experiences and opinions about everything under the sun

2. I’m sometimes really bored
You know those days, where you switch between Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and then proclaim to yourself that you have nothing to do? Yea, those. I just wanna test out this blog and see if sooooomething will trigger in me, and make me a motivated and inspired person that will post on this blog everyday!

3. I want to say my stories

I’ve mentioned that everybody has their stories, but not everybody has a platform to say them. Most people I know would find their good friends, and tell them about how the world is against him/her and how he/she wants to die and how he/she wants to kill everybody in the world. I get that, it’s way better than bottling it all up inside yourself and eventually letting it consume you from within.

However, due to my extreme lack of social activity and friends, I’ve decided that isn’t the way to go. Moreover, I dislike telling disoriented and messy thoughts to other people. It’s just who I am.

So in conclusion, follow me (is that what people say?) if you think you want to keep up with my life, or simply to read what I would like to say. Expect to see things that I’m passionate about, including sports, video games, professional video gaming, swearing, and jokes. I also hope that each time somebody reads my post, he/she will be able to learn something, and also be thoroughly entertained by it.

That’s all for now, folks!